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Totapuri Mango Concentrate

BAFIL extracts the Totapuri mango pulp from highest quality Totapuri mangoes that are appropriately mature and ripe. Totapuri mangoes are famous for processing because their pulp is succulent and have a lush, vibrant colour.

White Guava Puree Concentrate

BAFIL extracts one of the best white guava puree concentrate from the creamy white variety of guavas. Guavas with faint brown spots covering the outer skin are preferred for extracting puree concentrate.

Banana Puree Concentrate

BAFIL extracts Banana puree concentrate which is a new product developed and made from Cavendish variety of banana. The extraction process involves mashing, homogenizing and concentrating at our processing plants.

Red Papaya Puree Concentrate

BAFIL extracts papaya puree concentrate from best papaya fruits grown in different regions of Southern India. The papaya fruit is passed through series of processes.

Tomato Paste

BAFIL extracts tomato paste from quality tomatoes of India"s largest tomato growing state, Karnataka. The ripened tomatoes are processed through series of steps.

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